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About Us

Thread Trails is a brand founded in 2017 by textile designer Sneha Doshi. After having studied textiles and sustainable design from Philadelphia University, thus loving designing and creating, she realized that the fashion industry is a big villain when it comes to taking care of the planet. She decided that instead of going into this industry working for a big company, with no impact or say in how things were run in regard to ethics and sustainability she would start her own company with a clear vision and the main focus on sustainability. With the increasing environmental impact we all make on the planet we need to change our ways. Thread Trails believes in creating multi purpose garments using natural fibers for a greener future. Our garment construction wastes least fabric to stitch beautiful hand embroidered jackets and pants for every occasion.


A Sustainable Future


It is very important to us that the customer feels confident in our brand and it being sustainable. We have nothing to hide and we want everyone to know how our company works. Being a small brand with an inhouse designer can at times be challenging but it also means that we have full control of the production chain, cause it is all happening right here. Everything we sell is being made by our designer and founder Sneha Doshi. Our design department is currently based in Mumbai. We source all our fibers from textile cities around Maharashtra and Gujarat. When it comes to shipping, we are looking into good possibilities for eco-friendly transportation but at the moment, because we are still so small, we ship through the normal post office. Oh and all our packaging is sustainable too. If there is anything else you would like to know we will gladly answer your questions either in our chat or email


We take climate change very seriously and think it is one of the most important topics in today’s society. As the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world it is even more important that we try and change and improve the way the industry works. That being said, we all equally want to dress nicely and be able to express ourselves through clothing. So our philosophy is not “stop buying clothes” but “buy them the right way”.


Most of our clothes are custom made or made to order. We wish to keep our customers happy and satisfied by giving them the best quality stitching and hand work. Our fabrics range from sustainable modal( made from wood pulp) to cotton linen to silks. Our beading is all done by extremely skilled men and women whose living wage is from making your clothes with utmost love and sincerity. 

Through our business, we are helping several women to be self reliant and afford necessities. We teach them how to color match, make small embellishments and beadings to accentuate the garments.To know more about our programme please write to us at


Our garments are very carefully and delicately manufactured in our studio space in Mumbai.

Our talented tailors mark up all the patterns which is then stenciled to be embroidered to reach all our valued customers across the globe.

Please do give us two weeks to ship our products to you all across India and four weeks to reach you across the world.


If you find a damaged product in your mail, please do contact us immediately via email at with images of the item. We shall respond and take one of the steps listed below :

  1. Refund the money if it is not possible to remake the piece.
  2. Resend a new piece once we look at the damage.


For mass orders and customization please email us at

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