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Since we only make one of a kind garments, it is very likely that you might find a garment that you like but that we do not have in your size. Or you find a style that you like but you don’t like the color or fabric. In that case you can customize or request your own garment. Let’s say you have a scarf (or something else) at home that you really like, don’t use much anymore but would love to make into a top or a sweater. Or you find something here on our site that you would like but in a different fabric or slightly different model, let us know and if we have any other fabric or pattern that you might like better we can make you the garment you want. And if we don’t have anything that suits you at the moment we will get in touch with you when we do. This way you can request what you really want and we will create it for you!

So fill in our form bellow and get in touch!

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